COVID19 Update

Following provincial regulations regarding the COVID19 lockdown, all practices and swim meets attendance are cancelled until further notice. In the meantime, the team is taking the following actions:

  1. Stop cashing cheques starting in April.
  2. Calculate refunds corresponding to March.
  3. Study options to keep our swimmers busy during the lockdown.
  4. Send communications to parents through email as needed.
  5. Posting updates on our website.

For any questions regarding refunds/payments please contact

Please stay safe at home following our health authorities recommendations. We thank you for your understanding and collaboration through this extraordinary time.

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Reaching your optimum performance is our goal, in a fun and friendly environment where respect is ensured for all participants.


A swim coach's messages to swimmers and parents about all aspects of swimming

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Swimming has taught me that I am capable
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  • Coach Rick's passion for the sport and his coaching methods make Milton Tritons Aquatic Club very unique. My daughters are becoming such great swimmers. Most importantly , becoming well-rounded strong young women 🙂
    Anna Manalo
  • A great swim team that both my daughters have loved and grown with! I highly recommend this club for anyone looking for coaches that develop the whole child.
    Lisa Frencis Vasile
  • Excellent coaching....very motivating, encouraging, positive atmosphere. Kids love it.
    Marietta Glass