• Entries up for Hall of Fame meet
    Please check the Calendar for the Hall of Fame Meet Package and Meet Entries. And please let your coach know if something looks amiss.
  • I’m on BBC Radio again! More or Less: Peaty v Bolt
    For those interested, I was on the excellent BBC Radio show: More or Less a few days ago. In this piece they discussed the world records […]
  • A Guide for Swim Parents from Coach Rick
    It seems like a good time to post this guide about Swim Parents. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact myself or Coach […]
  • Milton Sports Centre is open again!
    With MSC being open again, our practice schedule (here) is all set for the rest of our 2019-2020 season. Let’s get our there and have some […]
  • First week is complete!
    Our registration and assessment week (with some training) is in the books. We are still accepting new registrations. Please bring them with you to practice and […]


You are TOUGHER than you think. FASTER than you know.

BETTER than you'll ever realize.


Reaching your optimum performance is our goal, in a fun and friendly environment where respect is ensured for all participants.


A swim coach's messages to swimmers and parents about all aspects of swimming

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  • 7 Rules (and a Vision) For Becoming a Better Swim Parent – (2019 Version) September 27, 2019
    This is my (almost) annual post regarding the role of swim parents. The beginning of every swim season is an exciting time for both swimmers and parents. And every year, I try to make sure that parents know how they can best help their swimmers achieve their goals. And the short answer is fairly easy.… […]
    Rick Madge
  • Analysis of 2019 World Swimming Championships: Less International Parity and Less USA August 12, 2019
      In watching the 2019 World Swimming Championships, I was struck by the apparent wide range of countries that were making finals and even medaling. And, of course, I was extremely surprised at the complete absence of US swimmers in either of the 200 FR finals. Some of this was no doubt due to the… […]
    Rick Madge
  • What Should We Do When We Observe Verbal Abuse By Other Coaches? July 10, 2019
    If you’ve spent any time on deck at a swim meet, you’ve heard it. A coach going well over the line when talking to a swimmer. Well past any reasonable form of criticism, and usually to the point where the (young) swimmer is crying. I realize this is a highly subjective issue. What’s over the… […]
    Rick Madge
  • The Surprising Role of Luck in a Swim Meet May 17, 2019
    A while ago I wrote about how the general public could be forgiven for thinking that swimming is a non-contact sport (here). After all, they only see swimmers compete in their own lane, unaware of the flailing sea of humanity that represents a typical practice pool. Well, after our last meet I found another thing… […]
    Rick Madge
  • The Incredible Power of an Always-On Video System March 9, 2019
    Two years ago we purchased our first real video system – an always-on system with a Hi-Def under/over water camera on a 10 metre cable, connected to a controller and a 55-inch Hi-Def TV on a movable cart. Without a doubt, that turned out to be the best investment our team has ever made. Our… […]
    Rick Madge

Swimming has taught me that I am capable
of so much more than I ever imagined.


  • Coach Rick's passion for the sport and his coaching methods make Milton Tritons Aquatic Club very unique. My daughters are becoming such great swimmers. Most importantly , becoming well-rounded strong young women 🙂
    Anna Manalo
  • A great swim team that both my daughters have loved and grown with! I highly recommend this club for anyone looking for coaches that develop the whole child.
    Lisa Frencis Vasile
  • Excellent coaching....very motivating, encouraging, positive atmosphere. Kids love it.
    Marietta Glass