Workout Recommendations from Coach Rick

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April 10, 2020
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Workout Recommendations from Coach Rick


Since everything has been cleared through insurance, I can now provide some suggested exercises and videos for our swimmers.

But before I start, let’s get some general rules

  1. The videos demonstrate each exercise, so if you have ANY doubt how to do it, watch before trying.
  2. Learn your limits. Initially, you’ll tire easily. As soon as you can’t do an exercise properly, stop doing that exercise.
  3. Listen to your body. Feeling tired is ok. But feeling pain is not ok. If something is painful, STOP! Then try to figure out why it’s painful. Are you doing the movements properly? Are you too tired to do them properly? Do not proceed until you can do it safely and without pain.

OK, here they are

Free online Yoga videos

Yoga is fantastic to maintain mobility. You’ll feel better if you’re mobile, and you’ll be MUCH more prepared to train, whenever that happens.


I’ve reviewed a bunch of these, and they’re very useful. It’s best to keep to the basic ones until you get a lot more experienced.


General Training

For those who also want to stay in shape, circuit training provides a LOT of variety, and keeps your muscles active. This particular site has an incredible number of workout videos.

Here’s how you use it.

  1. Enter your desired workout duration
  2. Enter your difficulty level
  3. Click on Free
  4. Choose one of the videos selected for you


Swimming Specific

For those who want to add in exercises we regularly do, remember our dryland movements.

World’s Greatest

Quad Reach

Cat and Camel

Knee Circles



Scapula Slide

Side Squats

Squat Jumps

Lean Backs

Snap Crunches

Fold Crunches


Stay Safe!  If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Coach Rick.