Report on Central Region Meets

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February 26, 2020
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March 3, 2020

Report on Central Region Meets


We’ve now finished the gruelling and incredibly successful series of Central Region Championship meets, starting with the ‘A’ Champs with Tomi and Fabian attending, and then ‘B’ Champs with 8 swimmers, and finishing with ‘C’ Champs with 26 swimmers.

Each meet challenged the swimmers to show off their preparation, race their best, and have a blast. And they did exactly that! The coaches are very proud and pleased with the performances, the pre-race routines and positive attitudes, and the respectful way our swimmers behaved in the stupidly overcrowded conditions we’ve come to expect in Central Region. This is a very good crop of Tritons!

Over the course of the three meets we had innumerous PBs (Personal Bests), lots of racing, some first successful swims at meets of this calibre, and many, many team records and top 8 performances.

Team Records

Tomi led the way with 3: 200 IM, 400 FR and 100 BK.

Sarah Delanty And Vikum: 200 BR.

Sarah Linton and Fabian: 200 FL



Bryce, Vikum and Fabian


Top 8 Placings

Tomi, Sarah D, Lainie, Bryce, Emma K, Sarah L, Julianna, Quinn, Vikum, Fabian


After this we head into Long Course meets, which are held in 50 metre pools instead of Short Course 25 metre pools. While it sounds like a minor difference, it’s not. Our swimmer’s muscles have been conditioned to getting a break after 25 metres while they use different muscles to do a turn and push off. But now those muscles have to go twice as far before that turn. It’s a huge difference, and those without frequent access to LC training, like us, will have some trouble adjusting. In short, you can’t compare SC times with LC times. They’re different animals.

For those who want some statistics around LC vs SC, you can see my blog post here.