Our mission and goal

The club will provide opportunities for individuals of all abilities and disabilities to reach their maximum potential in competitive swimming through a positive experience in the sport. To this end, the club will:

  • Provides optimum instruction, training and competition for each swimmer, entry to senior champion
  • Promotes an appreciation of commitment, dedication and discipline in the pursuit of personal goals
  • Encourages a high degree of sportsmanship and team spirit
  • Provides opportunities for positive social interaction and emotional growth.

Our objective

  • Cater to the needs of children of all ages and all skill levels, including kids with physical disabilities, by structuring the club in different skill groups that target the specific needs and requirements of each skill level and the age of the children in each group.
  • Promote swimming not only as a sport but also as a life skill and an excellent way for kids to be fit and be successful in their academic endeavours by providing information covering topics such as diet requirements of the sport, training techniques, team building, stress management, etc.
  • Engage the parents in the development of the swimming skills of their kids and teach them the rules and techniques of the sport so they can support their kids and the club in the best way possible by organizing presentations covering topics like swimming styles and techniques, training techniques and cycles, diet and rest requirements, common injuries and how to avoid them, etc.
  • Develop competitive swimmers at regional, provincial and national levels by holding internal competitions and participating in swim meets at all levels according to the category of the club.

Our guiding principle is that children of all abilities and disabilities should have the opportunity to achieve their potential in the sport of competitive swimming, and that this potential can be reached in a fun and friendly environment where respect is ensured for all participants.


  • Coach Rick's passion for the sport and his coaching methods make Milton Tritons Aquatic Club very unique. My daughters are becoming such great swimmers. Most importantly , becoming well-rounded strong young women 🙂
    Anna Manalo
  • A great swim team that both my daughters have loved and grown with! I highly recommend this club for anyone looking for coaches that develop the whole child.
    Lisa Frencis Vasile
  • Excellent coaching....very motivating, encouraging, positive atmosphere. Kids love it.
    Marietta Glass