Guelph Skills and Thrills Report

Location and Time Changes to this Sunday’s Guelph Skills & Thrills meet!!!
November 8, 2019
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November 21, 2019

Guelph Skills and Thrills Report

The swimmers who participated in the Guelph Thrills and Skills Swim Meet this past weekend should be very proud of themselves. I know the Coaches were.  For a few this was their first competitive swim meet and for others it was their first swim meet as a Mighty Triton.  We also had a few seasoned Mighty Tritons who not only swam personal best but assisted and supported our new to competition swimmers.

Having a meet early in the season provides feedback to the coaches and allows us to assess what we are doing and where to make adjustments for future improvements in terms of practices.  We will continue to focus on the technical aspects of the strokes, dives and turns.  Please note that Saturday practices are primarily devoted to dives and turns.  We also video the swimmers and review them for immediate feedback to the swimmers.

Results of the swim meet and future meets may be viewed on the Swimming Canada website under the Events and Results tab.  Just click on the Meet Name and scroll down to the Results.

Finally, to me swim meets are important as they are both social and competitive experiences.  I saw new friendships forming and team spirit develop as swimmers cheered for fellow teammates.  I saw seasoned swimmers supporting and helping new swimmers.  Lastly, I experienced swimmers helping to celebrate in the excitement of seeing their team mates succeed in their efforts and this is invaluable!

Coach Aimee