Where do the swim fees go?

The swim fees are used to pay the operating costs of the team and the registration fees required by Swim Ontario. The operating costs of the team are mainly pool rentals and coaches (about 90%).


What are the registration fees?

Teams affiliated with Swim Ontario are required  to register and pay a registration fee for all their competitive and non-competitive swimmers. 


What are meet fees?

The team participates in swim meets organized by other teams. The hosting team charges fees to all participant swimmers to cover the costs of the meet. Meet fees are collected to cover the cost of participating in swim meets.


Why are meet fees collected in advance?

Meet fees are collected in advance to allow for proper swim meets participation planning, and to avoid asking parents for extra money on a monthly basis.


What happens if the meet fees are not enough, or too much?

If the meet fees are not enough, and the swimmer wants to keep participating in meets, the team will collect the necessary additional amount. If at the end of the season there are unused swim meet fees, they are refunded to the swimmer. The team keeps track of each swimmer meet fees expenses in order to make the correct refunds on a swimmer-by-swimmer basis.


Can I opt out of swim meets?

Yes. You have to inform the registrar at the moment of registering the swimmer with the team so the swim meet fee is not charged. If the swimmer opts out in the middle of the season, the team will refund the remaining swim meet fee balance.


What is the procedure for withdrawing a swimmer from the team?

You have to provide written notice to the Registrar before the 15th of the month, not the coaches. The team will then return all cheques remaining to be cashed, or stop receiving payments. Cheques are cashed on the 15th day of every month.


Do I have to volunteer with the team?

You don’t have to, but you are certainly expected to volunteer in some capacity. The team is run entirely by volunteers, with the exception of the assistant coaches. This allows us to keep costs down and avoid volunteering fees that are common in other sports teams.  At the beginning of the season the team will be publishing the different tasks in which parents can volunteer so they can choose the one that best adapts to their availability.


Why does the first month cost more than the remaining months ?

The yearly swimming programs run for 9 months, and the semester swimming programs run for 5 months, therefore the costs are divided in 9 or 5 equal instalments. At registration time, we collect the first instalment, plus the swim meet fees, SwimOntario registration fees, and the team admin costs. As the season starts in mid-September, we count the months from the 15th of each month. This keeps administrative costs down and provides parents with a fixed monthly payment.


Where can I find out about upcoming team events?

We post all team events on our website. Go to the Home page and check the calendar section.


Where will I find information about pool closures?

We post all information about pool closures on our website, in the News section and the Home page. In addition, we send out a notification email.  Quite often, the closure is sudden and we have very little time to tell people.  For that reason, please don’t just drop your kids off in the parking lot and drive off. If the pool is closed, there may be nobody there to look after them.


When should I pick up my kids after practice?

The team can only be responsible for swimmers while they’re on the pool deck.  We can’t supervise the change rooms, and we can’t supervise the swimmers after practice while they wait for a pickup. Please ensure that you’re there to pick up your kids when practice ends.


  • Coach Rick's passion for the sport and his coaching methods make Milton Tritons Aquatic Club very unique. My daughters are becoming such great swimmers. Most importantly , becoming well-rounded strong young women 🙂
    Anna Manalo
  • A great swim team that both my daughters have loved and grown with! I highly recommend this club for anyone looking for coaches that develop the whole child.
    Lisa Frencis Vasile
  • Excellent coaching....very motivating, encouraging, positive atmosphere. Kids love it.
    Marietta Glass