Rick Madge


Rick is an NCCP Certified Swim Coach with almost three decades combined soccer and swim coaching experience. Rick has been our Head Coach since the team started in 2009, and was previously Assistant Coach with another swim team for another 5 years, where he was in charge of the development program. Rick’s philosophy is that proper strokes are the key to competitive swimming, and that maintaining a fun training environment is the key to keeping them in the sport for a long time. He is a former National Senior Swim Team member.

Bronwyn Kilbourn


I’m Coach Bronwyn and the new Devlopment Levels Coach. I have coached all levels for MTAC. I started competitive swimming when I was 6 years old and continued until I was 16. Fun fact: Coach Rick was my Coach for all those years ! I was one of the first swimmers to join MTAC when it formed. It has been incredible to watch the MTAC team grow into team it is today and I am proud to be part of it.
Kyla Ramlogan

My name is Kyla Ramlogan, and I swim with the Mighty Tritons at the junior level at the age of 15. I've been a participant of the Tritons for five years, and I'm thrilled to be sticking with them this year. Ever since I joined the Tritons, I was greeted with compassion and a feeling of belonging.  Swimming with the Tritons has allowed me to develop not just as a swimmer but also as a person and student over the past few years, and I have felt a sense of connection that I only have with my peers at swimming. From looking up to my coaches and implementing what I learnt from swimming to my life. I aim to be someone the swimmers can look up to as they continue to swim and remember what I have taught them, just like my coaches did for me. I want to keep working with these swimmers as a coach and help them understand that swimming is more than simply physical motions. That the sport of swimming forges relationships between coaches and athletes, and that we make sure that growth, compassion, and respect are constantly promoted everywhere—not just in the swimming community.

Sarah Linton

Hi, my name is Sarah. I’ve been swimming with the Mighty Tritons for nearly ten years now and have loved being able to be part of the team. Before joining the Tritons I had hated even being in the water, but now I don’t think I could imagine not being able to swim with my team. The coaches and the community around the Mighty Tritons really made me fall in love with the sport. Through the team I was able to meet some of my most supportive and loyal friends. I look forward to being able to help new members fall in love with this sport and this team just as I have. 

Vikum Semage

Hi, my name is Vikum and I have been swimming with the tritons for almost 5 years now. In those years, I grew exponentially, not only as a swimmer, but also as a person in general. When I started, I was really welcomed by the warm and positive environment with friendly swimmers and amazing coaches. My favourite part of the competitive swimming journey is going to meets and representing my team while being able to support and strengthen bonds with others. As a coach, I want to provide my swimming experience to mentor younger swimmers in order to help them improve their swimming skills and embrace the team spirit that is present within the club.


  • Coach Rick's passion for the sport and his coaching methods make Milton Tritons Aquatic Club very unique. My daughters are becoming such great swimmers. Most importantly , becoming well-rounded strong young women 🙂
    Anna Manalo
  • A great swim team that both my daughters have loved and grown with! I highly recommend this club for anyone looking for coaches that develop the whole child.
    Lisa Frencis Vasile
  • Excellent coaching....very motivating, encouraging, positive atmosphere. Kids love it.
    Marietta Glass