Coach Aimee’s Report for the Halton Hills Blue Fins (HHBF) Development Meet

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November 30, 2019
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December 10, 2019

Coach Aimee’s Report for the Halton Hills Blue Fins (HHBF) Development Meet

MTAC was well represented by the Entry 3’s this weekend in Georgetown.  A good majority of the swimmers were competing in their first official swim meet outside of our in-house meets.  A huge shout out to the parents and swimmers for arriving on time, being organized and for knowing what events you were swimming before arrival.  The HHBF hosts commented on how polite and well behaved our swimmers were!  This is always nice to hear but no surprise for me.

Overall, we had a great meet.  We had lots of personal bests from our experienced swimmers and lots of great swims by those who were swimming at a meet for the first time.  Leading up to the meet we spent a lot of time introducing, practicing and reviewing the rules with respect to strokes, dives (pullouts), turns and finishes.  For the most part the swimmers did well with the team only having eight disqualifications on roughly fifty swims.  I think this is great given so many swimmers have just been exposed to the rules and there is a lot going on and to think about at a first meet.  We will continue to work on dives, pullouts and turns at each practice.  We often find that swimmers value the rules a little more after they participate in a meet and even more so if they have been disqualified.  “What you do at practice shows up at a meet” is a mantra the swimmers hear from all Coaches. All of our swimmers will be receiving their ribbons when they arrive at practices this week.

To view results from swim meets there are a few options.  For official results you may visit the Swimming Canada website and select the Events/Results tab and then you locate the name of the meet and select and then the results will appear (select province and month too). The results are posted about 2 days after the meet is held.  Here is a link to follow for the results of the HHBF meet:

Just a reminder to seasoned parents and a heads up to first time parents.  Typically, prior to a swimmer competing in an event the coach discuss the swim with the swimmer and immediately after a swim the coach reviews the swim with the swimmer.  This is standard protocol throughout the swimming world.  Swimmers really should be reporting to their coaches to review their swims and not parents.  I know it is exciting to speak to parents to share a successful swim and that can be accomplished at the end of the meet.  Our Head Coach Rick has written an article which is essentially a guide to be a being a better swim parent.  I encourage all parents to read it. Here is the link.

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